Darcy Jenkins

Copper, Seelie squire of House Leanhaun


Age: 11 and 1/2
Gender: Female
Changeling/Seeming: Seelie Corgi pooka
Hair: Unruly light red curly hair, kept in pigtails
Eyes: one brown one blue
Skin: light, with freckles

Likes: sweets and food in general. Always acts like shes starving and adores her older brother, as well as locket her brother gave her of them when they were younger that plays a song.

Dislikes: Adults and large crowds of people. Vegetables.

Her human appearance, is a young scraggly girl that is slightly dirty and wears old and baggy clothing of what she can find. Usually in a over-sized hoodie or Sweater with multiple layers to hide her changeling features. She has high tops that are ragged and do not match. She uses her street smarts to roam the streets and keep away from authority figures of any type and runs away from adults. Darcy is overly friendly with friends she makes and makes well with other homeless in the areas that she meets.

Her changeling appearance, still light red pigtails with streaks of brown and white. Darcy’s eyes shimmer with multiple colors, she has longer ears in this form as well as sharp dog canines that poke out if she grins too wide, as well as a small tail that pokes out of her overall pants and hoodie. She wears a collar wrapped around her wrist. She has a yield sign on her back for her shield and a foam toy sword, for her changeling sword she carries in her squire practice with her house.

Likes: to run around, toys, treats, any sort of food especially meat. Her Chimera friend.
Dislikes: Adults, people being mean, Vegetables..

Nightcore~by You’re Gonna Go Far, Kid
One summer’s day remix by DJ Sly
“Keeping Your Head Up” Lyrics
Florence + The Machine – Rabbit Heart
Continue OST – Hopes and Dreams Will Save The World feat. Gatopaint [FULL VERSION]



Darcy age, 11 & 1/2 and her brother Evan Jenkins, age 17 lost their parents at a young age, Darcy doesn’t remember much, her brother doesn’t like to talk about the past much. They have traveled town to town trying to keep away from the adoption agency’s and authority in fear of what’s left of their little family split up. Eventually ending up in Spokane, and settling there.

Darcy and her brother could keep under the radar, and found one of the many abandon buildings to live in as a temporary home on the outskirts near the river. Darcy soon found out with her changing Chrysalis, life became much more effervescent and new eyes and soon took hope in her heart that things weren’t so bad, and as long as she had her brother nothing could go wrong, which took him off guard, but he accepted her anyways and tried to keep her a secret much as possible.

She eventually met others of her kind soon after and taken into House Leanhaun as a squire and another knight took her under his wing. It’s hard job and they are very difficult on her but it’s a honorable duty and tries to do her best, whether serving the house, or scavenging for food for her and her brother panhandling through out the city, there’s always tomorrow and the sun will aways shine.


Darcy Jenkins

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